Delivery & Cancelatio Policy

Last updated: June 1, 2021

At COOKIN, we strive to make the ordering and delivery experience as convenient as possible for both persons ordering meals as well as the local chefs preparing and delivering the meal.

Delivery window and delivery times

Each Chef provides a delivery window in which their deliveries take place, and they endeavor to meet that window on a commercially reasonable basis. The delivery window is not guaranteed; however, and the actual times of delivery may be affected by several factors beyond COOKIN’s or the Chef’s control.

Specific delivery time requests

Chefs will not support specific delivery times unless they agree to it ahead of time because the actual times may depend on the routes for the day. If you have a special time request, please message the COOKIN rep or the Chef directly so that we can make sure that we are able to support it before placing your order

Delivery in absence with prior instructions.

If you are not home at the time of delivery, the meal can alternatively be arranged to be delivered via the following options:

Your cooler.  Please keep your cooler with plenty of icepacks and in a safe, shaded area to make sure that the food stays safe. In order to avoid confusion, please print a label and mark it with your name / COOKIN (e.g. “Jenn / COOKIN”) and attach it to the cooler so that the driver can make sure that they are dropping it in the right location.

Your front desk, reception, or leasing office. Please be sure to inform them in advance about the delivery so that they are authorized and willing to accept the deliveries on your behalf.

Availability at the time of Delivery

Chefs will do their utmost to accommodate your delivery needs; however, in case you are not available at the time of delivery, please make sure that you provide in advance alternative delivery instructions, including the exact location such as the reception desk or your cooler.

If we do not have any alternative delivery instructions from you, the deliverer will attempt to call your phone number three (3) times when they reach your scheduled place for delivery. If they are unable to contact you on the provided contact number, they will wait for fifteen (15) minutes before leaving.  After the last order date, all sales are final.  This means we cannot process any refunds in case the delivery is missed due to your non-availability at the time of delivery.

If you have requested for your meal to be dropped at an alternative location such as the your front desk of your building or leasing office and they are unwilling to accept your delivery, the deliverer will follow the steps outlined above in Section 2 above, namely attempting to call you three times and waiting fifteen minutes.


Pickup Guidelines

If you have chosen to pick up your order, please follow the pickup window provided by the Chef to ensure they are available at the time of pickup

Alternatively, you may work out an alternative time with the Chef by messaging him/her in advance on the COOKIN App.

If a pickup is not made within the delivery window and you have not worked out an alternate pickup arrangement with the chef, the order is still final and not subject to a refund.


All orders can be cancelled by the “last order date” of the menu without any penalty and receive a 100% refund.

Any orders cancelled between the “last order date” and the “order ready time” will receive a 50% refund. If a chef chooses, they may give you a credit towards a future meal purchase.

Any orders cancelled after the “order ready time” are final and are not eligible for a refund and will be treated as final. Any refunds may take 5-7 business days before they show up on your credit card statement.

 Missing, Spilled or Soiled Items

If any of the meal items are missing, spilled in the bag, or otherwise not acceptable please contact us through the help section in our App. Please provide [email protected]  with the following information:

The name of the chef / kitchen

The date of delivery

Order number (if available)

The items that were missing/spilled /damaged

Attach pictures of the bag with the spilled/damaged items

We will investigate on your behalf, including contacting the chef.

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